Jack and Jill

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Jack and Jill is an award-winning magazine for children ages 6-12. It promotes the healthy educational and creative growth of children through interactive activities and articles. The pages are designed to spark a child’s curiosity in a wide range of topics through articles, games, and activities. Inside you will find: current real-world topics in articles in stories; challenging puzzles and games; and interactive entertainment through experimental crafts and recipes.

November/December 2019 issue:

  • Jack and Jill’s World: North Pole
  • All About You!
  • Hidden Pictures: Thanksgiving Feast
  • Fiction: Good Question, Chowderhead!
  • Call for Kid Reporters
  • Get Crafty: Snow Globe
  • Balm Squad
  • Color-Cut-Play!
  • Let’s Grow: Break it Down
  • Let’s Draw: Olaf
  • Cover Contest Entries
  • Head-to-Toe: Getting on Your Nerves
  • Fun with Food: Banana Penguins
  • Forever Fit: Electric Slide
  • Building Dreams (presented by the Fight for Life Foundation)
  • Answers
  • Pet Corner: Good Paws
  • Wacky Wildlife: Quokka
  • Look Closer: Frozen 2

Readers: Want to be featured in our new All About You section? Email personal essays, poems, fiction, jokes, art, and letters to [email protected] or mail them to Jack and Jill, P.O. Box 88928, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Include your name, age, and state. All submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.